Sun City Shadow Hills Recreational Clubs & Support Groups

A list of all the clubs and support groups in Sun City Shadow Hills.

Clubs And Groups

Billiards Club

Contact: John Hemphill
Phone: 760-775-6178
Email: jihemp@verizon.net
When: Wednesday 7 PM
Where: Montecito Billiards Room

Bocce Buddies

Contact: Rick Halla
Phone: 760-347-9676
Email: rick@rickhalla.com
When: Mon & Fri (8:30 AM), Tue (6:30 PM)
Where: Montecito Bocce Courts

Bowlers Club

Contact: Rose Borses
Phone: 760-636-4788
Email: rosie6461@gmail.com

Bridge Club

Contact: Rick Rowen
Phone: 703-727-1460
Email: rnewor@gmail.com
Website: www.shbridgeclub.com
When: sign-up 12:20 PM
Where: Montecito Ballroom


Contact: Marcia Guntman
Phone: 760-347-1534
Email: mguntman@msn.com
When: See full info
Where: Montecito Clubhouse

Camera Club

Contact: Jeff Fier
Phone: 408-410-5616
Email: annaakelly@me.com
Website: www.scshcameraclub.com
Where: Santa Rosa Clubhouse Monterey Room

Canasta Club

Contact: Beverly Mirsky
Email: beverlymirsky@yahoo.com
When: Friday 1 pm
Where: Montecito La Mirada Room

Ceramics Club

Contact: Wes Warner
Phone: 760-775-7501
Email: wesriviera@yahoo.com
When: Tues & Fri Mornings
Where: Montecito Clubhouse

Classy Niners

Contact: Brenda Moreno
Phone: 925-963-8526
Email: scsh9ers@yahoo.com
Website: www.shclassy9ers.com
When: Tues 7:30 AM Tee Time
Where: South Course

Community Singers

Contact: Lyba Vinitsky
Phone: 760-342-3870
Email: lybavinitsky43@gmail.com
When: Every Monday from 5 to 6:30 PM
Where: Montecito Clubhouse

Computer Club

Contact: Tracy Barnett
Phone: 760-360-1545
Email: infoscshcomputerclub@gmail.com
Website: www.scshcomputerclub.com
When: Check Website

Couples Golf

Contact: Susan Toder
Phone: 406-531-7056
Email: sbtoder@gmail.com
Website: www.shcouples.com
When: First and Third Sunday
Where: South Course Pro Shop

Creative Arts Club

Contact: Marilyn Barton
Phone: 480-274-5500
Email: m2barton@hotmail.com
When: Mon + Thu 9 AM
Where: Montecito Cambria Room

Desert Gardeners

Contact: Amy Tomlinson
Phone: 303-888-5429
Email: ahtomlinson@me.com
Website: www.scshdesertgardeners.com

Desert Life

Contact: Geri Butler
Phone: 760-775-7846
Email: gbutler414@gmail.com

Discussion Forum Club

Contact: John Crawford
Phone: 760-565-1311
Email: crawfordc@earthlink.net
When: Monthly, 7 pm, October to May (see date document below)
Where: Montecito Ballroom

Games Plus Club

Contact: Pat Rosandich
Phone: 760-343-0783
Email: rosandichp@gmail.com
When: View Full Info
Where: Varies

Gin Rummy

Contact: Marie Devito
Phone: 760-636-5593
Email: mariedevito2@gmail.com
When: Mondays
Where: Newport Room

Happy Tappers

Contact: Caroline Konczey
Phone: 619-890-2916
Email: caroline4health@gmail.com
When: Suspended until Fall

Hiking Club (Over the Hill Hikers)

Contact: John Ramsey
Phone: 760-342-0076
Email: jobe@bendbroadband.com
Where: Varies

Holistic Health Club

Contact: Claudine Ray
Phone: 760-610-5662
Email: singray2@gmail.com

Jewelry Club

Contact: Sharon Degenhart
Phone: 619-777-3457
Email: sdegenhart@ymail.com
When: Wed 1 PM
Where: Montecito La Mirada Room

Kings & Queens Card Club

Contact: Mke Strittmatter
Phone: 760-698-2790
Email: mstrit2003@yahoo.com
When: Tues 6 PM
Where: Santa Rosa Clubhouse

Lady Putters

Contact: Marianna Stephens
Phone: 760-775-3293
Email: mferney@msn.com
Website: www.shputters.com/
When: Mon 7:45 AM
Where: Montecito Capistrano Room

Let’s Meet & Eat Club

Contact: Tami Lamporte
Phone: 760-399-2299
Email: tlamporte@gmail.com
When: 1st Sat & 3rd Sat. Inc. Entertainment

Lively Liners

Contact: Judy Wolfe
Phone: 760-863-1424
Email: omma.wolfe@gmail.com
Website: www.scshlivelyliners.com
When: View Full Info
Where: Montecito Gym

Mah Jongg

Contact: Babs Bloomgarden
Phone: 760-393-2056
When: Wed 12:30 PM
Where: Montecito Clubhouse

Men’s Golf Club

Contact: Bruce Marley
Phone: 253-691-8950
Email: brucehmarley@hotmail.com
Website: www.myshmgc.net
When: Check Website
Where: Check Website

Needles & Pins

Contact: Cheryl Taylor
Phone: 410-507-5591
Email: eirikannie@gmail.com
When: Mon 12:30 PM
Where: Montecito Cambria Room

Oke Dokey Karaoke

Contact: Alan Voss
Phone: 209-768-9393
Email: alan@alvoss.com
When: First Thursday of the Month, 6 – 8:30 PM
Where: Montecito Clubhouse Ballroom

Pairs’ 9-Hole Golf Club

Contact: Frank Bradish
Phone: 760-469-2622
Email: franknpeg@dc.rr.com
Website: www.mysignup.com/scshpairsgolf
When: Twice a Month on Thursday

Pan Club

Contact: Shelley Brown
Phone: 760-775-4130
Email: shell2muchla@verizon.net
When: View Full Info
Where: Montecito Clubhouse

Paper Crafters Club

Contact: Margo Pagnini
Phone: 760-565-1930
Email: mjpagnini@juno.com
When: Mon 12:30 PM
Where: Montecito La Mirada Room

Performing Arts Club

Contact: Earl Warner
Phone: 847-727-4049
Email: earl.warner@verizon.net
When: Second Wednesday of the Month at 7:00 PM
Where: Montecito Clubhouse

Pet Club

Contact: Bob Schuster
Phone: 818-437-3699
Email: lightingprofessionals@yahoo.com

Pickleball Club

Contact: Manny Rosas
Phone: 760-636-0092
Email: mannyrosas@mac.com
Website: www.scshpickleball.com
When: See Posted Schedule
Where: Santa Rosa Courts

Rainbow Friends Club

Contact: Frances Panster
Phone: 760-393-8493
Email: panichetti@dc.rr.com
When: 2nd Wednesday 6 PM
Where: Montecito Clubhouse

Readers Ink

Contact: Connie Brennan
Phone: 760-360-7182
Email: conniebrennan@icloud.com
When: 4th Tuesday, 2 PM
Where: Montecito Clubhouse

RV Club

Contact: Diana Miller
Phone: 760-347-9069
Email: dianamiller511@mac.com
When: 3rd Tuesday 6:30 PM
Where: Montecito Clubhouse

Shall We All Dance

Contact: Linda Delaney
Phone: 760-772-1765
Email: scshdanceclub@gmail.com
Website: www.shdancers.com
When: Check Website
Where: Montecito


Contact: Kathe Tuggey
Phone: 760-775-2905
Email: ktuggey@gmail.com
When: 3rd Sun 5 PM
Where: Montecito Capistrano Room

Table Tennis

Contact: Paul Hulbert
Phone: 760-285-1426

Tennis Club

Contact: Ed Jackson
Phone: 760-347-7464
Email: edjackson@telus.net
Website: www.scshtennis.com/

That’s Entertainment

Contact: Julie Johnston
Phone: 760-772-0317
Email: jjohnston003@dc.rr.com

Travel Club

Contact: Mitch Albert
Phone: 760-565-0064
Email: albertfamilyindio@gmail.com

Tuesday Night Putters

Contact: Kathy Lindstrom
Phone: 760-863-1938
Email: kathylindstrom01@gmail.com

Tutta Bella Vino

Contact: Debbie Reyna
Phone: 661-755-6701
Email: reynadebbie@yahoo.com

Ukelele Strummers

Contact: Darlene Kretchmer
Email: dkretchmer@yahoo.com
When: Thursdays 12:30-3PM
Where: Montecito Clubhouse

Veterans Club

Contact: Tom Hutson
Phone: 760-347-6317
Email: tomhutson@dc.rr.com
When: Third Tuesday Each Month
Where: Montecito Clubhouse

Women’s Golf

Contact: Mary Kunstler
Email: mfk1126@yahoo.com
Website: www.shwgc.com

Writers Club

Contact: Tony Davis
Phone: 760-775-9521
Email: antiqphoto@gmail.com
Website: www.scshca.com/events/category/clubs/
When: Check the Club Events Calendar
Where: Santa Rosa Clubhoused

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