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The Coachella Valley is a gorgeous place to live and a popular vacation hot-spot! The hot desert weather also makes for a favorable environment for pests all year round. Rodents and cockroaches are always a concern but other pests such as ants, spiders, crickets and scorpions are especially prevalent during hottest months.

Lee Flores, owner of Pestology, majored in Biology and is passionate about  the pest control business. “It’s truly a science,” Lee explains, “Pest control expertise stems from an intricate balance between knowledgeable comprehension of managing pests and rodents all while considering environmental factors and human habitat safety.”

Pest control concerns are not just limited to everyday homeowners or commercial properties like restaurants; the biggest infestation damages Lee has seen are vacation homes and properties. For the most part, vacation properties sit empty and unfortunately, unbeknownst to the owners, pests will take over if given the opportunity. Rodents especially can fit through unnoticeable holes the size of a dime and can live off very little food and moisture supply. Plus one mouse can multiply by 60 in only 3 short months! Even if your home is occupied by renters or AirBnB stays, the risk of an infestation could leave your home with a permanent and costly bad review that will hinder your renting success down the road.

Lee highly recommends Pestology’s reoccurring services for your home to ensure that your comfort, property value, and your fun are not destroyed by infestations. Pestology’s reoccurring service is a year-round crucial preventative measure to ensure the safety and comfort of your homes, so that no uninvited house guests invade and destroy your property!

Call Pestology today before it is too late at (760) 902-4114 for a special no start-up fee and only $25 MONTHLY SERVICES WITH NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR INTERIOR SERVICES!
Visit their website to learn more at

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