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Up to 10% of your home’s value is in the landscaping and entrusting a gardener with a large chunk of your property value is a big responsibility! We’ve all heard the sounds of a gardener hard at work – cutting, trimming, raking and blowing – gardeners do their best, but could use some invaluable guidance regarding the health of your yard.

A certified plant care specialist will inspect, diagnose, recommend and teach you and your gardener all about your yard, all for as little as $95 a year! Your gardener has earned your trust, but it is important to empower them with the right resources to do their job better. There is a big difference between your average skilled gardener and a plant care specialist who can identify pest, disease, nutrition and irrigation issues affecting your landscape.

You’ve got a gardener who comes regularly and cares for your plants, but do they have the knowledge and expertise to protect the substantial cash value represented by your plants and trees? Gardeners work hard to maintain your landscape but lack the formal training and expert knowledge required to proactively identify and address threats to your yard. In most cases they remove dead plants, but this approach can cost thousands of dollars over time – especially if your trees are neglected.

Ultimately, the health of your plants has a direct impact on the purchase price of your home when you decide to sell. Early identification of crucial issues impacting the plants in your yard is the key to preserving your property value and, while gardeners do have a green thumb, there are real limits to what they can do.
A better approach that compliments your existing gardener is to have an educated and experienced agricultural specialist check your landscape annually. These experts have ensured the health of commercial crops for decades, and for the first time you can get the same valuable service for your yard with a GreenRate Plant Health Inspection from Rudy’s Plant Health Care.

The experts at Rudy’s will inspect your yard for pests like agave weevil, termites, fire ants and more. They’ll identify diseases like Citrus Thrip or Gummosis which could impact your trees and look for nutritional deficits that your plants might have. They will even make irrigation adjustments to ensure your plants get the perfect amount of hydration! Did you know about 90% of household plants are either under or over-watered? You probably didn’t, and your gardener may not know either. Another 80% of residential yards have pest or disease issues which can kill your plants and damage property values if not addressed.

Taking a forward-thinking approach to the health of your landscape could save you a lot of money. This is especially true if you are planning to sell or buying a new home and want to be assured the landscape is healthy. Replacing just one tree can cost a significant amount of money and negatively impact the value of your property. A GreenRate Plant Health Inspection verifies the integrity of your landscape, and lets potential buyers know they are making a sound investment.

Even if you plan on enjoying your landscape for years to come, a GreenRate inspection is still a great way to protect your home’s value. Along with your landscape inspection, you will get a complete report outlining all the issues in your yard, as well as tips and tricks you can share with your gardener, do yourself, or let Rudy’s experts help.

Rudy’s Plant Health Care is a division of Rudy’s Termite & Pest Control and has served the Coachella Valley for over 30 years – offering the most comprehensive suite of pest control services in the area, now including your entire yard! Contact Rudy’s today at (760) 8-PLANTS or visit, because keeping your plants happy means cash in your pocket. Protect your investments, and empower your gardener with an expert that will protect your property value, with a GreenRate Plant Health Inspection.

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