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Gil & Penny Jelmberg

Back then I fell in love with a drop dead gorgeous young girl perhaps a year or more before she could possible have known. She was spectacular, tall and slender with long dark hair that touched her tight rear-end. She had flawless facial features and luscious lips that for me launched a thousand imaginary
thoughts. She was perfect in every way and without question could have had anyone she wanted, Forty six years later I still marvel at my good fortune that you chose me! You have made my life complete. Our memories are incredible. Because of our businesses we have been together almost 24/7 all these years. In spite of that, the wonder of you fails to diminish. You are still
drop dead gorgeous and I cherish every moment with you. I will always love you.

  • Gil

Chuck and Lonnie Wilson

In 1992 I purchased a condo in a high-rise in downtown Portland, Oregon and needed to have help to make it beautiful. I hired Lonnie an Interior Designer to help in doing so. She and I had been single for many years and when the job was finished we started dating and married in 1997.

My letter to Lonnie,

The only bad thing about our relationship is that we met so late in our lives. You have made the last 28 years the most wonderful and fulfilling of my life. Not only as my lover but as my very best friend. We still have many new and exciting adventures to experience together. I can’t think of anyone that
I would rather experience them with.


  • Chuck

Brant and Barbara Silver

When we got marriage we were very young. We were told that a husband shouldn’t make his wife account for anything and a wife shouldn’t try and manage her husband. All these years later it seems that this has really worked for us. There is no one we would rather spend time with. Love of family and life keeps us going strong. We are very lucky to share many adventures and Shadow Hills is our newest!

Lloyd & Glenda Everard

We met in Church in the 60’s. I joined the Air Force. I missed her
too much so when I was on furlough we got engaged and after
basic training I came home and we got married (1962). She
was 16 and I was 20. We will be married 59 years in Septemberwe have 1 girl, 1 boy, who were born while we were in the service. They both have been married for 35 plus years. We have 5 grandchildren (3 married) and 1 great grandson with another to be born in March. I believe our love is based on
commitment and being best friends. We do everything together; snowmobile, boating (80’ yacht), golfing (we love our home in Shadow Hills), vacationing, swimming (exercise) in the pool.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Our Love,

  • Lloyd & Glenda

Rob Lara & Michael Bohon

Chicken and sauce splattered across the floor in a cacophony of culinary chaos, and Rob Lara’s carefully prepared meal lay a mess on the floor. This first date mishap would mark the beginning of a decades-long relationship with Michael Bohon that has only become stronger through everything from destroyed chicken dinners, to alcoholism and nearly two decades of estrangement. All the while, the happy couple felt they had a special bond that would transcend all obstacles. When asked what sustains a relationship, they agree: self-care, healthy habits and being there for the other person are all important. A real friendship lasts forever, so know how to care for each other and recognize the vulnerability in life.

Glen & Vie Mergenthaler
(In Memorandum)

In 1945 Glen Mergenthaler and Vie Waddell were driving from Helena, Montana to Salt Lake City, Utah to visit relatives when the were suddenly caught in a blinding snowstorm.They were forced to pull into a town and search for a motel. Because they were not married Vie refused to share a room with Glen so they were married that day! Vie passed 74 years later in May, 2019 at 92. Glen joined her a year later in July, 2020 at the age of 97. After 74 years of marriage Glen and Vie still held hands while watching TV. The Mergenthaler’s moved from Helena, Montana to Sun City Shadow Hills about ten years ago to be close to children and grandchildren. Their three children have each been married to the same person for 46 years or longer.

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