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Since 1951, LifeStream Blood Bank has helped save lives by
connecting donors and patients through the gift of blood.
Today, the locally based nonprofit organization provides blood
products and services to more than 80 Southern California
hospitals, and is the exclusive blood provider for all Coachella
Valley-area hospitals.

In 70 years since LifeStream’s founding, this truth remains:
Blood cannot be created or manufactured; there is no substitute
for donated blood.

Surgical and cancer patients; accident, burn and trauma
victims; even newborn babies are on the receiving end of
donors’ generosity. Blood donors benefit, too: With every
donation, they receive a free mini-physical. Readings for
temperature, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, pulse rate and
iron level are determined and made available on the donor’s
private online portal.

Prospective blood donors must be at least 15 years of age,
present photo ID and feel well.
There is no maximum age to give blood. In fact, LifeStream
regularly welcomes “80-and-better” blood donors.
Self-deferring from the process can deny one of realizing
his or her life-saving power. Here are a few common

You can donate blood if you have completed the prescribed
dose of antibiotics and no longer have any symptoms of what
caused them to be prescribed. You can donate blood if you take
medications for blood pressure or cholesterol. Certain acne
medications and prostate medications are cause for deferral.

You can donate blood if your diabetes is well controlled
and you have not had recent episodes of hyperglycemia or

High Blood Pressure

You can donate blood if your reading at the donation site is not
more than 180/100. You receive a free blood pressure check
right before donating, so you’ll know for sure.

For more information, or to set an appointment to give blood, call 800-879-4484 or visit

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